About the Metro Foundation

The Metro Foundation, Inc. was incorporated under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Law in 1996 to address serious local social problems by tapping the Bay Area's material wealth.

The Foundation's specific and primary purpose is to promote and support those projects that alleviate human suffering due to disease, violence, social neglect or social disintegration. In order to achieve this purpose, the Foundation engages in the following activities:

    (a) Provides grants to charitable organizations which have as their principal mission the alleviation of homelessness, poverty, protection of battered women and assistance to victims of crimes;

    (b) Provides educational materials, programs and information regarding these charitable programs so as to educate the public about the social issues affecting residents of the Greater Bay Area;

    (c) Encourages awareness of cultural diversity through production of public events, programs and performances;

    (d) Solicits, collects, invests and disburses funds to be used in assisting those programs that have been identified as priorities by the foundation.

The Foundation's operating and administrative costs are substantially underwritten by Metro Newspapers, enabling funds to be raised and distributed in a highly efficient manner.

A partial list of Metro Foundation grant recipients may be found here.

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The Metro Foundation supports these Silicon Valley nonprofits:

A Place for Teens


Child Assault Prevention Project

Live Oak Nutrition and Service Center

Meals on Wheels

Next Door, Solutions to Domestic Violence

Second Harvest Food Bank